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The Headphone James Woo Scale

October 23, 2020

This is my personal scale for measuring how “woo” you are (from 1 to 10):

1. Do you think that meditation might be a good idea?

2. Have you ever been in therapy or worked with a personal coach?

3. Do you ever consciously try to be present in the moment?

4. Have you ever felt a deep connection to a plant or the earth?

5. Have you participated in a ceremony or ritual with a community?

6. Do you have a relationship with energy or vibration?

7. Have you participated in relating games, a contact jam, a cacao ceremony, or an ecstatic dance event?

8. Have you done medicine work?

9. Have you sat with a shaman, gone on a pilgrimage, or communicated with spirits?

10. Have you been in close proximity to the threshold where oneness permeates and we are all interconnected, and remain connected to it?