My Purpose in Life

September 18, 2022

In the last two decades, I have produced a lot of high quality chill out music, releasing eight albums during that time. I am not a singer, and my music has no vocals.

In 2019, my wife inquired why I have yet to combine my sense of humor/play with my music. I took that to heart. During Covid, I created a new musical persona (headphone james) to explore creating silly, family friendly, music. Since then, I have produced a number of goofy “rap” videos, pushing me way out of my comfort zone to be performing in front of a camera (very hard for me), and performing lyrics for my music (totally new).

I just released my latest video, which is a song of about Cape Cod. I’m real proud of it. It coalesces separate skill sets (music production, making videos, poetry, humor, and ability to execute something from start to finish) into a single project. I produced the music, the concept, the content, directed people, had the vision, put in the work (easily over 100 hours of my life) to produce this 2 and a half minute long video, because it is the realization of my purpose.

It captures this time of life, when my in-laws are still alive and healthy, and my son is 12 years old and still excited to be part of my projects. Not only does he gets to participate, but he also learns the parts to the process as he pays a little attention.

It is the best thing I’ve ever done, and here it is.

It honestly doesn’t matter too much if anybody outside my family and friends watches it. I have no attachment to what happens with it now that it is done, but, I saw it all the way through.

This is what it looks like when I swing for the fences.

My name is James Kirsch, and my purpose is fun and connection.