I am a developer competent fun to work with wearing headphones not your father a good egg


I have over 20 years of professional software developer experience.

I am an excellent writer, adept at distilling ideas.

I have a proven track record of seeing both large and small projects to completion.

I am fun to work with.

I am competent and responsive.

I am an excellent listener and a practiced mentor.

I've built all sorts of cool stuff.

React.js is my favorite right now.

My rate is $150/hr. I live in the Bay Area.


About Me

I have an extreme sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis). I wear headphones most of the time to protect my ears, hence my moniker.

I've written a ton of music. I also write about the process.

I've led a bunch of Men's groups. I'm very involved in that world. I've done a lot of inner work.

I am a father.

I make silly videos


I have made 8 albums of chill out music as general fuzz. It is background music designed to help you find your flow. "Comfort Zone", my most popular song, has been streamed over 6 million times on spotify.


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Berkeley, CA